The pressure feels like gravity.

The air itself the enemy.

Every gasp bringing you closer to it’s embrace and further from release.

It crushes the weak.

If you can survive this? You are stronger.





You are the diamond that pressure has made….

Be Super



There is nothing like it.

The sobering cold.

The silence.

The sounds of only your heart beat.

Your minds voice.

Countless thoughts rushing to rest control of you, to bound you, to steal the light that is your attention.

They drown.

They quiet.

They become subdued.

What is left is intent, cold hands and a mind ready to attack the day.

Take a stroll.

Be Super



New version. A newer me.


Do I age? Yes.

Do I have less time? Yes.

Do I feel weaker than yesterday? Yes.

This does not mean I accept obscurity, the ability to improve. To strive higher.

Being comfortable ageing should not be an excuse for mediocrity. There is still a standard to be kept. Yours.

Raise the bar.

Be Super



It’s easy at the top,

When things are going well.

The lights they never stop,

Your name rings like a bell.

The fans are infinite and the praise unending,

It shocks you when you fall, the silence the pretending.

You put stock in to opinions that are as crazy as they are fleeting,

When you are alone, you are a husk, withdrawn, self defeating.

To pay notice to the fickle is mindless,

They jump ship, they are spineless.

Judge yourself on the merit of your soul,

Otherwise their judgement will take it’s toll.

F*** everybody.



My diet has fallen.

My weight has gotten out of control.

My reading has disappeared.

My sleep is erratic and long.

Headaches all over the place.

Catching colds left right and centre.

Barely training in my gym.

Not having energy for anything.

Not drinking enough water.

Zero meditation.

No stretching.

Too much sugar.

Late nights.

Heavily stressed.

Tired often.

All from ONE mistake. Being undisciplined with my time. Just one event. It has bled to all of these and more and it started with comforting myself.

This is only a month but you can easily see how this can turn in to years of trauma and bad habits.

Balance is gained and not given.

Time to get to work…

Be Super




Ramz Shaft. Daring to be more than extra and less than normal. SuperHuman, SuperAgile, SuperGamer, SuperTrepreneuer. Part-time lover and fighter. Always growing