Dealing With Anger




Such a tricky emotion. So many layers. So many ways it expresses. All with an overwhelming sense of rage.


There is a time and place for expression but when these feelings start to affect social interactions and the physical world it can have adverse effects.

  • Document
  • Source
  • Action

What you can see, you can measure…

How often? When? What happens. Why? Documenting, taking note or being proactive of when the feelings emerge will help shine on the origin, the source.

Once all these conditions are met, it is time to make a plan of action. The goals can range from lessening the severity of the response, proximity from the trigger and observing the amount of resurgence of the emotion during a time span.

The notion is not to stop these emotions all together but to be more aware of when they happen so we can be accountable in the moment.

Be Super



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