Discipline Primer

Discipline =

1 min readApr 21, 2020

To not accept what is current and the reality that is now. The mind creates a vizard of what is possible at the same time being malleable.

I capture it in this formula.

Direction + Belief Systems / Reality

Without direction and an undying belief in whatever you serve there can be no discipline.

To have direction is to have purpose. A North Star. An aim so inviting yet uninviting in the same breath. It does not have to be attainable.

Your belief systems or simply put how you interact with the outer world at large impacts this too. Events can stray you from your directed path. How you;

ASee the event

BProcess what happens

CRelate it to yourself

Is the basis of your core belief systems. Assuming positive regard in most situations and self talk with a growth mindset helps this. (Will talk more on this Thursday).

The friction between these above ideals and reality creates the perfect remedy of discipline. You can have all the direction in the world and great belief systems but we can not bend others and the environment around us to our will.

How disciplined are you?

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