Discussions Discussions Discussions.

Like you.

Even agree with your stance on a fundamental level.

Like your character or even anything you stand for.

We can debate.

We can discuss.

To be cordial. To be willing to have your points of view challenged.

To be confident in the expression of my views and not bullshit my way through things I have no knowledge on.

You do not have to like me. I do not have to like you.

A stance can be nuanced. Divisive. One sided or both. Our views not aligning does not always automatically equal a bad judge of person nor does singing from the same hymn sheet.

The goal is not to beat you into submission, nor to demonise your position. As long as you are clear, coherent and congruent throughout…

We can discuss.

Be Super



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Ramz Shaft. Daring to be more than extra and less than normal. SuperHuman, SuperAgile, SuperGamer, SuperTrepreneuer. Part-time lover and fighter. Always growing