Finding Your Pack

Lessons from River.

1 min readAug 13, 2020

Watching animal behaviour and how they interact with one another really show me how primitive we can be.

Seeing my puppy interact with the world with her eyes shows me faults within my self that I did not know existed.

1. First time might not be the best.

Circumstance. Timing. Environment. You can have the right people around you but it could be a completely awful time for you.

2. Silent leadership.

You do not have to be the loudest. The most exaggerated person. Just being there and being you is enough to leave an impression on people. No theatrics. They can see you. You are not invisible.

3. Healthy disputes

You do not always have to agree with everything the consensus follows. Just because you have a different idea than others does not mean you do not deserve to be there.

4. Unique bonds

We will meet people/creatures of all shapes and sizes, some of which will leave lasting impressions on you. Be open. Be open to receiving. The most unlikely of allies may appear.

All credit goes to River.

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