Growth Mindset

Following on from the Discipline Primer earlier this week one of the most important aspects to having a balanced view on life is a mindset enslaved towards growth.

Not to have. Not to imitate. It is to be enchanted by. To follow blindly.

A student mentality.

Always questioning, always hungry for true understanding.

When faced with problems or setbacks you look internally first before the external.

‘What can I change today to make this better?’

‘What am I missing?’

‘If I could improve just one thing today, what would it be?’

‘What is my quickest win?’

A solid student mentality is not just based on positive regard but momentum. A syntax of motion so to speak. Small pebbles in thrown into a lake with consistency and frequency that soon form a mountain.

To maintain or grow this mentality is to be consistent in the practice and frequently as all habits grow by the nature of this.

To always look internally first before allowing the world outside to accept your shortcomings.

The more you control. The more influence you have.

Be Super



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