Lessons Learned From A True Extrovert

A true one at that.

2 min readJun 23, 2020


My partner has taught me many things, through life I was always known as the ‘talkative’ one or ‘chatty’ but a lot of the time I reserve/hold back my intent and just watch, watch and watch.

She showed me there is a clear difference between someone who is really an extrovert.


I love and am in my element in complete and utter controlled silence. No interruptions in my bubble. I would choose a rainy day alone in doors over any and most things.

I learned for someone who is truly expressive, it is not that they do NOT do this however they prefer action. Motion. Every free moment and space is filled with chaos be that controlled or not.


Aside from the words said, the feelings of anger, sadness and happiness are all external. They are spoken. They are not hidden.

For me this is far from the truth. Sure with close companions and in situations like rooting for a sports team this goes out of the window but alone I am more than satisfied to live this within my mind.

A lot of internal conversations are happening before I even choose to speak out to the world.

For me it has been an amazing journey to have lived my whole life put on one side of the box to realise I share more commonalities with the other.

Your solo interactions with the world and your perceptions can change so often. It is good to check in and receive the new updates on you.

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